Query & Color is a new venture for art and artists, that seeks to bring the world of artists to light and therefore make art accessible for everyone. Far from being dead, or irrelevant, the presence and requirement of art in our lives thrives though it is often produced outside the awareness of the general population. Art has a daily and profound impact on us all; Query & Color would remove art from the insular Art World and share it with anyone interested in knowing how it works. The best way to do that is to bring the voices of the artists to you, and give you the chance to ask questions of artists – even to have your work viewed and critiqued by the featured artists.

Query & Color was by started Andrew Britton. He is an artist and Software Developer. His current portfolio can be seen on his website AndrewBritton.com. Andrew is active with the Behance community in Los Angeles, CA. where he has the chance to meet and connect artists together. In his off hours, he is writing and illustrating a children’s book, which you can find out about here: Adventures of DC Britton.

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